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Put on Your Best Face

January 15, 2019

Do you know how to care for your skin and give it what it needs?

Do you have a drawer full of skin care that you don’t use? Maybe you don’t know how to use them.

Do you know the best way for you to apply your makeup?

Do you need to Spring Clean your makeup drawer?

Ready to update your makeup look?

The Anti-Aging Skin Care Session, “Take Ten Minutes…Lose Ten Years”, you’ll enjoy learning how to care for your skin. Find out what your skin REALLY needs. Have a healthy, glowing complexion!

The Going Gray, Still Gorgeous” session is designed for the more mature women. Includes skin care and makeup session, instructions and a lot of fun!

With the makeup session you’ll learn tips on how to apply your makeup…in your perfect colors!

Includes basic skin care session.

Discover the latest colors and makeup tips for the season with the Seasonal Update Session … Spring/ Summer and Fall/Winter. Your skin care changes, too, with the season, so a Skin Care Session is included.

I enjoy assisting you so you can have the confidence that you Look Your Best! As a Color and Image Consultant with Color Me Beautiful, I assist women with their skin care and makeup. Save Time and Money with your cosmetics! Simplify your life! And Clean Out your Drawers! Free Consultations are available. To Book Your Appointment, Visit my Website NOW!

It’s Time To

Spring Clean Your Cosmetics!

February 14, 2019

1. Shampoo your Powder, Blush or Eye Shadow Brushes with a gentle shampoo at least once per month or Purchase New Brushes. Your Makeup will look perfect!

2. Throw out your old Eye Shadows (1 – 2 years old).

3. Replace your Mascara every 3 – 4 months.

4. Sharpen all your Eyeliners & Lip Liners (chill in refrigerator before sharpening).

5. Replace Liquid Makeup that is over a year old.

6. Check and discard old Lipsticks. Get new colors in Blush & Lipstick for Summer.

7. Come visit me for a Summer Skin Care session, Makeup session, or Seasonal Update.

Get A New Look! I will help you discover what is BEST FOR YOU!

Set your appointment NOW!!

Update Your Look!

Schedule your Spring/Summer Color and Image Update today!

Keep current with up-to-date information on Spring/Summer 2019 Color, Fashion and Makeup Trends.

üLearn to build on what you know already works for you and make small changes so your look is not dated.

Use your palette to experiment with new wardrobe color combinations.

ü Try an updated makeup look appropriate to your coloring.

Make Your Appointment Now so I can save a place for You!!

Call to schedule a time that fits into your schedule.


Use the same basic guidelines as wardrobe capsules: 1 jacket, 2 bottoms, 3 tops.

Add to it depending on how long you are gone. Also, consider the following:

1. Any special occasion or event that you are attending such as a wedding, anniversary night out…

2. Consider the weather where you are going.

3. Pack clothes that don’t wrinkle easily.

Plan Your Travel Capsule!

Pack as light as possible. Anticipate your activities and then plan by deciding which garments will be required; make a list. Pull what you will pack 1 week prior to leaving.

Your clothes make a personal statement. Merge fashion and comfort to build your wardrobe. You will to think in terms of a travel capsule--having a few pieces that will produce many outfits.

Pick a basic color and a basic bright or an intensifier/complimentary color and build your entire wardrobe around the colors.

Purchase sturdy, wrinkle free material that packs well and doesn’t stain easily.

Basic colors for your core pieces would be like whites, tans, taupes, camels, grays, navies, black, maroon, burgundy, brick.