Kay Humphrey

Color and Image Consultant

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Welcome to Kay's Services!

Watch Your Beauty Bloom with a variety of services!  

GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE. Contact Me for more information..

Color Analysis

Learn your best colors in clothing and makeup!  Color Alliance is a computer assisted analysis. Included is your personalized palette customized for your skin, hair and eyes.  Receive basic tips on wardrobe building.  Complimentary skin care and makeup sessions. 

Style and Image

Know you best style.  Signia is a computer assisted style and image analysis.  Learn to balance figure flaws, enhance your best features, add height and subtract pounds.  Discover your best hairstyle, eye wear, necklines and other suggestions.  Included is your personalized book that is printed for your body lines and face shape.  

Closet Audit

Get advice on what to get rid of, what to buy, how to coordinate your wardrobe!  Learn to make capsules. Tips to simplify your wardrobe.  Suggestions on how to pack when you  travel.  Clear the closet clutter!  Enjoy a wardrobe that works!  

Seasonal Update

Freshen Your Look!

Learn to build on what you already know works for you!  Overview of all the new colors and styles of the season. 

Makeover Session

Learn how to apply makeup in your best colors for your warmth or coolness.   Natural  looking makeup for all skin tones and all skin types. 

Anti-Aging Session 

Keep your skin healthy and younger looking!  Enjoy learning how to care for your skin!   

Personal Shopping

Need more help?  We can go to your favorite stores or we can shop online.  Must have color analysis and style analysis first.


Presentations are available to groups, businesses and classes.  Contact me for more information.